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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on your download package. Check your package for details, or contact us in order to set up a custom order.

All our installs are soft-incentivised and the users are rewarded in coins or golds for downloading your app. We work with a list of exclusive publisher for the offer and all of which can help you spread the word about your app in addition to our download guarantee.

It depends. Top 10 results vary by country. You may need as many as 80,000 to compete in the United States. If you have a smaller budget, you might want to focus on other countries, where you can get top 10 exposure with fewer downloads.

It’s tough to compete in the United States. Sometimes you can make more money and get more exposure by introducing your app and your company to other countries. Focusing on one country at a time avoids diluting your efforts and gives you a better shot at the Top 10.

Your app ranking depends on a number of different factors, but retention rate is one of the most important. Retention rate measures how long the app stays installed on the Android phone.

We offer high retention rate for a minimum of 1 months, which is more than adequate to help you achieve fantastic results.

Some of our marketing methods work for paid apps. Our private network service, however, works on free apps. Good news! You can offer a free, limited functionality version of your app which will entice people to purchase the paid version, which means you’ll still make tons of money!