BoardMaps Board Portal Software

BoardMaps is a board meeting management software tool focused on structured meetings, compliance, and decision management.

The Main Advantages and Disadvantages of Board Meeting with BoardMaps

Board meeting with BoardMaps is a meeting with the participation of specialists in the office and specialists who connect to the discussion virtually. It is likely that this platform, suited to the needs of the organization, will be a highly virtualized, distributed network of suppliers. For practical applications, enterprises choose from a variety of solutions to optimize infrastructure and simplify management.

The main advantages of a board meeting with BoardMaps are:

  • The ability not to stop the workflow if employees are absent from the office. Business trips and work from home will not become a hindrance to solving common work tasks if the organization has an infrastructure of remote and hybrid communications.
  • More efficient use of working time by simplifying logistics. The absence of time costs for movement within the city or to another region will free up time for direct work.

However, there are some disadvantages you need to know about because often, a workshop is a conflict of two schedules: a “manager’s schedule,” which consists of meetings and communications, and a “creator’s schedule,” which requires focus and immersion in the work. It is difficult to add “one more appointment” on the working day of any specialist, but especially for those who live according to the second schedule. To make the meeting as comfortable and effective as possible, invite to it those people who are really needed and empowered to resolve the issues that will be discussed. Set a limit on the time you are willing to spend in a meeting and stick to it.

Attract Partners with BoardMaps Board Portal Software

Translate applications into real orders for organizing events with BoardMaps. Timely processed client’s request – 50% of the company’s success in organizing events in a competitive market. Collect requests from potential customers into a single database and process them on time using statuses to turn each request into a professionally organized meeting. Attract the partners with BoardMaps board portal software:

  • Partners are attracted on barter or commercial basis. Barter means offering employees of the partner organization one or two invitations to the event, placing the logo on the press wall, and in handouts. Mentions in advertising, in a welcome speech and at the closing of an event, in publications on your resources are also assumed.
  • It’s great if you manage to barter in full the costs of information partnership, printing, and souvenir products; and at least partially – catering for coffee breaks online.
  • Try to reduce rental costs by negotiating a partnership. Business venues for events are interested in tenants. The guests of your conference are their potential audience. Offer them advertisements in the news of the event or contacts from the attendee base in exchange for a reduced rental price.
  • Commercial partners are companies or individuals who receive mentions at your conference on a commercial basis. To attract such partners, make up a commercial offer with several options for sponsorship packages.

The package price of BoardMaps depends on the sponsor status at the event (from a regular sponsor, of which there may be several, to a general sponsor). Sponsor packages also differ in the amount of available privileges for the placement of information materials and the amount of mentions at the event.